The Storms That Rage

Log of Dane.

-The log of Dane Valor-Kept By R2-E0—

The Family has grown. Zeepadax held nothing good for the family, and only terror for the rest of the galaxy. Once again a Jedi comes in and ruins everything. I can see why Law’s parents didn’t want to send him to the Jedi Order, no discipline or patience. He would go to the Dark Side in a month. A new Sith Lord, as if there aren’t enough of them in the galaxy. It doesn’t matter on the Outer Rim though. They can have their Core Worlds.

We have already lost Nest’ly, Goot, and Fraxis. Things that seemingly could not be avoided. All when there was deviation from the plans. We have picked up many people since then. Karn and Issakar, traders. Issakar is a strong Trandoshan, pretty straightforward, and loves credits. It seems Karn is some Sith Weapon. I’m hoping he doesn’t have some sort of trigger. We need to bring Kate to his bunker soon.

Nub Nub, Raygaar, Nash, and Officer Briggs. Four of the strangest beings I have met. An ewok, the small wookiee ex-slave, the ex-slave human random guy, and a former dock officer from Utapau. Nub Nub, and I had some sort of primitive alcohol influenced bonding hunt. Nash is currently no longer an ex slave, and we don’t know where to find him, Leech or Screech. We are looking for leads and I hope we find them soon but I don’t think we will find them soon, or alive… That doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking though… Family comes first….

There’s also this new racing venture. We have a chance at a legitimate income. The racer is pretty good, and her pod isn’t half bad. Thea could probably get her running even faster if she takes the help, plus with the credits we can put it, I think we have a shot at getting pretty far in the championship. I would take just a few wins in her rookie year but something tells me we will do good. I’m having most of the Family look into the missing members, but I feel I’m going to be need at Ryloth, but maybe its nothing.

Did I mention the Zombie? Sith Zombie on Endor. Controlled by a piece of the Loge Dagger. Why all the way out here? Did it follow us? That weird miner guy that was following us for a while was brought back with full force and attacked Karn in a bunker. He turned to dust after we defeated him. We’re going to have to become more powerful for whats ahead.


Inertius Gunner2290

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