The Storms That Rage

Note from Law

Everyone -

I don’t know where to begin. For years I dreamt of leaving Tatooine to see what else there was in the galaxy. The Family came to me looking for help, and I happily obliged. Not only did I get you all the credits, but I also put my neck on the line to free a girl who had the lust for life in her eyes like I did.

I didn’t ask for anything in return. Helping you all and Genica was enough of a reward for me. What did I get in return? Even more hatred from a Hutt I’ve spent my whole life avoiding. For the Family.

You all eventually came back to Tatooine and I saw my opportunity to do more good in the galaxy and see what was in store. Ever since I’ve joined, I’ve been in nothing but life threatening situations.

On Zeepadax, I only went back to the evil Sith cave to see if I could find the source of the creatures ravaging the city. Tactically, it was the best move. Sure, I could have kept fighting those monsters. We all could have. But who knew if they’d ever stop? I had an invisible speeder and everyone was more than capable of handling themselves. So I went to the cave where these monsters came from, the ones The Family released, to see if they could be stopped. The catalyst to the events that followed was not my fault. Lor insisted on coming with me, and brought the Logue Dagger with him.

Against my protests, he insisted on carrying it with him. I tried all I could do to stash as many of the pieces outside of the cave but he perceived all of my attempts. As we scouted the cave we came upon a metal door that definitely belonged to a ship. Based on the lore of the Logue Dagger, which the family brought to the planet due to the captain being captured, I knew going through that door was a bad idea. Yet again, Lor insisted on going further when I was planning on reporting back. Being the man that I am, I could not let a child, Jedi or not, go through that door alone. We were easily overwhelmed by what I can only describe is dark side abominations. Lor was paralyzed by the abominations and I tried my best to get us out of there. We were grabbed by what appeared to be a sarlacc and it snagged all the pieces of the dagger. That is what caused the Sith Lord to be resurrected. Yes, it’s our fault and I’m going to fix it.

Following that event, after seeing my friends die….I questioned why I left home to begin with. So I went back to Tatooine to clear my head. I learned that when the galaxy fights you, you keep fighting back; to never give up. Upon coming back, I felt relieved to spend time with my friends and celebrate what little we could celebrate. I felt everyone deserved to relieve some of the tension, and we all had fun doing so as The Family.

The next day we were to take off to Zeltross for a dropoff. When we arrived at the club where the buyer was supposed to be, I encountered Whik Selba. I’ll admit the female Zeltron seduced me with her pheromones and drugged me. Little did I know, I was in the one place I never wanted to be. I awoke to find I had been captured by Wut the Hutt, along with Leech and Screech. Where everyone else was; I have no idea. I saw an opening for an escape and I tried to take it. I almost made it out of the club before Whik captured me yet again.

Next thing I know, I’m back on Tatooine…again….

After a few days of being tortured alongside Leech and Screech, I asked Whik to set up time I could talk to Wut. I figured after all he and I have been through, the least he could do was talk to me. I intended on gambling my life away in order to free Leech and Screech. They knew of my intentions. Instead of that talk, I was thrown into a pit to fight for my life with nothing to defend myself. Time and time again I survived, hoping my friends and Family would come for us. Until I was put in the pit with an innocent man and was told to kill him. That’s where I drew the line and it was also the moment I realized none of you were coming. So I fought back against my captors. If I was going to die, it was to be on my terms. Not because I let an innocent man live. That man was Reek. And today, that man died by the hand of The Family. All he wanted was credits. I’m sure I’ll be blamed for his death too.

You can all hate me and blame me for everything that happened. I will use that hatred to fuel me and give me the strength to keep surviving.

You all turned your back on me. Left Leech, Screech, Nash(NoIdeaWhoThisIs), and myself to rot as slaves in a Hutt palace. I’ve been told you were all waiting on Whik’s orders to come save us all; after Wut the Hutt consolidated Hutt Space into Wut Space so she could kill him and take over. I wasn’t aware that you all negotiated the lives of your “Family” in order to gain powerful allies and very possibly throw the galaxy into ruin. Hutts always, ALWAYS want more. You all honestly believe the Hutts would not have ventured into GR territory and bring war throughout the galaxy? What I did saved many innocent lives from that fate. Keep the Hutts fighting themselves. If the price I had to pay for doing so was a little bounty on my head, then I’m not too concerned. I’m sure the bounty will only go up from here on out.

Apparently all of you see a bounty to be a death sentence. I brought up my bounty to talk through a viable solution and Dane couldn’t be bothered. He blamed me for everything that happened and said you were all in too much danger. After writing all of this it’s apparent that it’s the reverse that’s true. The Family is too much of a danger to me and I’ve only suffered ever since I decided to help you all out.

When Schesa was captured, who went on the rescue mission to save her? I did.

When Leech and Screech were captured, who was the only one that tried to save them? Me.

All of you waited.

Even when they were within our reach, you let someone else save them.

If I had known I’d come back to hatred and hostility I never would have returned. I would have hunted Leech and Screech down on my own and saved them because unlike all of you I still believe Family comes first.
If I hadn’t returned, Blood Prince would have slaughtered all of you and reclaimed his space station. If it weren’t for me spotting them on the other side of the sun, Schesa would not have had time to contact the GA to save The Family.

So what would have happened? What would have happened if the station or Home were destroyed due to the Blood Prince?! Would you all have blamed Dane and forced him out since he’s the one who decided to take the space station from slavers?! Or would you all just keep making credits, business as usual?

I always heard that family comes first. But for all of you, credits and power come first. You’re no better than Hutts.

From here on out I’m going to fix the galaxy and do what I do best: survive.




Inertius Bananuh

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