The Storms That Rage

The Dark Tide Rises

Log of Dane Valor

We found an ancient artifact of untold power, worth millions of credits, only to bring it back and be told that we were not allowed to sell it. I saw the captains point but that doesn’t exactly mean I have to agree with it. We had no idea what the crate would do once it opened, if anything. A few weeks passed while we were researching the artifact just keeping it in the ship not doing anything with it and I was getting tired of it, and so were a few of the others. All of our research just came up with more mystery. There was one surefire way to find out what was in this crate, and that was to open it.

Mustafar, a planet not to far from here with a lot of volcanic activity, no population to endanger, that was where we would open it. Issakar Trussek, Karn Bardark, Lor, and myself would go. We found an abandoned mining station when we arrived, and we managed to get the deflector shields up and running again, just in case and lava decided to rain from the skies. We took the crate outdoors on to the middle of a bridge over the rivers of lava. We each put a crystal in, first Issakar, then Lor, then myself, and just as Karn was about to put in the last crystal we heard an earth shattering screech as we looked up to see a large winged creature flying down towards us. Fire spewed from its mouth as it bounced off of the deflector shields. The door to the mining facility opened and three cloaked figures walked out, demanding we hand over the crate. I told Karn to keep his crystal safe as the rest of us fought them off. These were three Sith Lords we were dealing with, and one of them seemed to have control over the giant beast.

Issakar managed to take his out first, and shortly after that Lor dealt with his, both of them falling towards the lava, but the beast managed to save them from a fiery demise. We surrounded the last one but she managed to escape us, the beast flying all three of them to safety. It was finally time to open the crate. We prepared ourselves for another fight, even though we were very lucky to scrape by the first one.

When the crate opened it was not darkness that came from it as expected, it was light. A very powerful light that blinded all of us. In my mind I saw the picture of a moon, one that is not to far from where we make our base. All of the sudden I heard a voice, it said something about forever dominating my destiny, that was when I was able to stand again, I walked up to the crate and looked in it and found a sword. There were four of them, one for each of us. We put the top back on the crate and brought it back to the ship, whatever power it held inside of it was now set free, and to our delight it did not decide to kill any of us, but who knows what that power has in store for the rest of the galaxy as it seemed to have left the planet.

We got back to the station and we decided to go ahead with the deal to sell the artifact, now that it had no power we didn’t have to worry about the danger it could pose. We hope that whatever we released doesn’t cause to much trouble, but I have a feeling that everything involving that will turn out well. We got a mountain of credits, and we used them well over the next few months, outfitting our ships and the station, I even sent everyone on a small vacation to thank them for all of their hard work, along with a good amount of credits. We hired a few people on a monthly basis to help with the general operations of our base and we set up defenses to protect us from all but the most vicious attacks. We all decided to go our own ways for a little, and take care of our personal matters. I asked Lor to go with me to the planet Ragosa, to look for the other half of this silver lightsaber that the datachip I found mentioned.

I always knew my past would catch up to me, but of course it came when I least expected it. It was supposed to be a simple retrieval mission. The planet was covered in coral of all colors, it used to have a lot of water until the Hutts released some sort of plague on the planet that dried it all up. R2-E0 Picked up the signal of a ship and we decided that was a good place to start our search. We found the ship and landed our X-wings in the clearing next to it. There were no life signs aboard, and nobody was in the vicinity of the ship, and something felt wrong. I put my goggles on which lead me to find blood splatter, and leading in to the coral was a trail of it, somebody was dragged from this spot. Lor and I followed the trail to a door, which lead under the coral, and it was unlocked. Once we were inside we saw all manner of strange things, including samples of the algae that I took from Zeepadax and started growing on the station. We heard screams further in and we came face to face with an old crazy man, he seemed to want to negotiate before he released a monstrous beast to try and kill us, some sort of coral monster, no doubt created using Sith Alchemy.

We destroyed the monster, and I turned around to see something that I had been dreading for years, the face of my former master. He made a full suit powered by the force sensitive algae and covered himself in some sort of force shadow to hide it. His name is Darth Malladus and I had no doubt that he would kill us both.


Inertius Gunner2290

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