The Storms That Rage

When Royalty Falls

Log of Dane

I was not having a bad time on Ryloth. We were getting ready for the race when I felt it, a disturbance. The Family was in danger, terrible danger. I reached out to Schesa but I knew it was a longshot. She was clear across the galaxy.

Isshikar and I got in our x-wings and headed straight to the station. I could only hope that we would not be to late.

We dropped out of hyperspace in to the midst of a battle. It seemed my message had reached the captain after all, The Perserverance was here helping against a Hapan Battle Dragon. We were still vastly outclassed but it seemed damaged and Home was just getting involved in the fight. The Blood Prince had X-wings on his side against the Galactic Alliances Tie Fighters, we would blend right in with the enemy.

The fight was intense but we were wittleing down their numbers. I took out five X-wings before turning on the Blood Prince and firing some very well placed torpedoes. The explosion was beautiful as the ship split in two. The Galactic Alliance prepared their boarding party and rescued our missing members and arrested The Blood Prince. I landed on the station and greeted Schesa and the rest.

The whole family was together again. A man named Reek had brought Law on board earlier and wanted 50,000 credits for his services. He would not get them but we offered to fix his ship free of charge, but he refused. He said he would leave when he was ready, so me and The Captain went aboard home for some privacy, it had been to long since we had seen each other. During that time Issakar was forced to fight Reek who attempted to kill Law aboard our station. That was when we found out about Laws bounty. 50,000,000 credits. A meeting was called. It was decided that it was to dangerous to have him with us. Since he joined he had been nothing but trouble and his mistakes have put us in danger far to many times. Only Ramses, Puck, and Gota wanted him to stay. Not only did be awaken a Sith Lord and not follow orders, but he escaped himself and left Leech and Screech to die, and brought Whik Selba aboard this station who then stole Issakars ship from him in the battle. We had to ask him to leave. He had no place in The Family. It was sad but there is no other option. If he is lucky and he makes it to his family he might make it a while, but if he can’t be bothered to help us, we can’t help him.


Inertius Gunner2290

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