Trandoshan (Dead)


Fraxis was a mercenary, he used to work for Wutt the Hutt, and he did so for years. He ended up protecting an Ithorian that Wutt had preparing spice. They became great friends but the Ithorian was unhappy working for the Hutt.

The Ithorian wanted to leave and he told Fraxis, which was very dangerous for the Ithorian and Fraxis knew that. They decided to leave together. The Ithorian knew of a man named Dain, that Wutt was currently hiring Bounty Hunters to kill. He contacted him and warned them of what would happen. Dain devised a plan to fake his devised a plan to fake his own death and get the Hunters off the families back. The plan worked and Wutt paid the Hunter, a Corellian named Rayland Sal-Solo.

Wutt the Hutt learned of the Ithorians involvement and captured him. Fraxis didn’t want his new friend to die so he called the Family and asked for their help. They devised a plan to rescue Nest’ly, and they succeeded. Nest’ly became the crews doctor and Fraxis stayed with his friend.


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