Goot Solo

Native of Dantooine


Goot was a simple hunter on Datooine, hadn’t left the planet his whole life. That all changed when the family came to the planet. He had never seen a space boat before, but next thing he knew there was one landing in front of him. They told him to forget what he saw but how could he?

He followed the strange people to a meeting of some sort where they handed crates off to some weird looking alien people. Goot had always been a good hunter, and he never left home without his rifle. He was watching through his scope when he saw one of the others reach for a weapon. Goot pulled the trigger. A blaster fight ensued, but with Goot watching over the ETs, the small gang of aliens had no chance.

A man named Dain came up to him and asked him his name. He said “I am Goot, with rifle.” And thats when Dain offered for him to come aboard there space boat. Goot was always wondering what was beyond the plains. He would go to the great valley in the sky and hunt creatures he never even dreamed of.

He became a well loved member of the family and had hunted quite a few strange creatures, but everything changed when the captain disappeared. While in space when Dain was arrested by the GA, assassins sneaked aboard. They killed Goot with a vibroblade. The same battle that Nest’le died.

Goot Solo

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