The Family's "computer analyst"


Kate is not a fighter. She prefers to stay at a safe distance behind a computer screen. She is very skilled and not afraid to voice her opinion.


Kate and her best friend Thea studied at a secret imperial academy on Yaga Minor. They discovered some plans for a super weapon being constructed not too far away. They stole the plans and a shuttle but were found out before they could escape. Tie Fighters chased them and they send out a help call. The Family was flying by at the moment and answered their call. They rescued the girls and they were told about the weapon. Some element was discoved on Yaga Minor and was being researched on a station not too far. they came up with a plan to steal the research and sabotage them and sell the info to the republic. it was here they stole their current ship Home. Which has a state of the art AI system.


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