Law Sunrider

Daredevil - Ace - Outlaw


There’s a bounty on my head.

“Kid, there’s a bounty on everyones’ head at some point.”

50,000,000 Credits worth.

“You’ve got a bounty on your head.”


Law Sunrider is the 3rd, and youngest, in the line of Sunrider children. With a family that consists of a Mandalorian father, Jedi mother, and two Jedi older brothers; Law had big shoes to fill. And you know what they say about big shoes – they come with big expectations.

Law wanted none of that. Growing up under the twin suns of Tatooine was already hard enough. While his family uphold a strict moral and honor code being of Mandalorian/Jedi descent, he skirts the line. Having no problem with procuring goods by less than legal means from the underbelly of society, he will always do what he can to save a life. Unless, of course, he already gave them a chance and they proved they did indeed deserve their fate.

At the age of 14, Law was playing in the deserted ruins of an old Sand People settlement with his friend at the time Annik. Annik was a Twilek that had an even greater lust for credits than Law. Where Annik wanted the credits, Law wanted the thrill of getting the credits.

As they rummaged through the ruins an escape pod came crashing through the ceiling and floor of the ruins and plummeted the two boys into a deep, dark cave. After digging themselves out of the sand, the two glanced towards the escape pod to see a boy not much older than them emerge holding a lightsaber. After a brief confrontation between the three, the older boy said his name, “Dain Valor.”

Being trapped, the three needed to get out and going up was not an option. As they delved deeper into the cave they encountered something terrifying – a sleeping krayt dragon. As they stealthed past unnoticed, Law saw something glimmer under the tail of the sleeping giant. As he ducked away from his friends for a split second he managed to snag the object, a luminous Krayt Dragon Pearl.

Further down the cave right as the boys are able to see a glimmer of light they are ambushed by a group of squills. Dain heroically fought off the squills as Annik and Law ran out of the cave. Upon exiting the cave, Law lost his balance and nearly fell off. If it weren’t for his quick reflexes, he would have missed the ledge and plummeted hundreds of feet into a canyon that could have been made by a krayt dragon. Luckily Annik was there to lend a hand! Instead of helping his friend he swiped the pearl from Law and ran off, never to be seen again. Law and Dain would not forget the betrayl; not until Annik paid his dues.

10 Years later…

With his brothers off in the Jedi Order and no money or ship to get off Tatooine Law spent most of his time in Mos Espa learning the ways of the underworld. Unfortunately in the underworld, you make more enemies than friends. The friends you make though are said to be some of the most loyal individuals you will ever meet. His first real friend on Tatooine turned out to be a Jawa named Puck.

After some time, Dain Valor reappeared in a ship called “Home” with people he called “The Family” and they had an important request and no one else to turn to. The Family needed some fast cash. Law never asked why because who would complain about strangers showing up with large sums of money saying “Turn this into more money!”? So he did what he did best. He gambled it against the one person he knew had the money, Wut the Hutt.

After hours of sabacc, Law finally was able to read the Hutt. When Wut was bluffing, he would just stare at his competitors until they folded. On the most excellent hand Law had seen, the Wut stared. Seeing his opportunity Law went all in…and won. You would think this would be his nail in the coffin, but Law wasn’t done. He noticed a pretty young girl standing in the room with a slave collar on. Slavery is one of those things that just really gets under his skin, so he goes double or nothing against the Hutt. If he lost, The Family would surely make him pay no matter how friendly they seemed. If he won, he may as well have signed his death warrant.

The room was tenser than ever as Wut stared down the man with a knack for getting in trouble. To his surprise, Law was given the same exact hand and won. Begrudgingly, Wut the Hutt released the girl that would happen to become a member of The Family shortly after. With credits in hand and a girl who’s life just opened up to endless possibilities, they did what anyone does when a Hutt is mad at them. They ran. Fast.

Upon returning to Home, Law handed over the credits and told Jenica, the girl he just saved, to leave with The Family. He knew business wasn’t finished on Tatooine. This was his big chance to go, but with a Hutt on his tail and his family and Puck still on planet he could not risk their lives. Not without saying goodbye first. For 4 months Law evaded and taunted Wut every second of every day just hoping he’d get his chance to get off Tatooine.

The chance came when The Family returned. They needed Law and his particular skills for a job and he happily complied. But only if they’d let a crafty Jawa with a knack of breaking things before making improvements aboard their ship as well.

Law Sunrider

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