Officer Briggs

A witty justice seeker.


One of the minority of humans on Utapau, he worked primarily in the starport for most of his adult life. He has dealt with many aliens and has learned quite a few languages. He was a pretty by the book guy, but like every administration his had corruption. He knew if someone paid his boss the right price they would slip right past customs, and anyone that spoke out disappeared pretty quickly, though for the most part he was able to do his job without any trouble.

It was a normal day, like any other day, or so he thought. A ship at the starport had a bomb planted on it. A man named Dain came in to report it, and see the video of who came on his ship. Briggs had some detectives meet with the man but he said he would be leaving the planet soon and didn’t wish to see the matter resolved. A few hours later he called Briggs. He said he had found the assailants and wanted to meet to show Briggs where they were.

Briggs got in his personal vehicle and went to the meeting point, and that is the last thing he really remembers before waking up in a factory with a few dead folk around. He was cuffed on the ground and Dain was right over him. Dain said that he had been taken captive and that his crew rescued him. Looking around it seemed there was a fight and there were a few dead bodies around. Dain took the cuffs off of Briggs and congratulated him on raiding this gangs hideout.

Once he got back to the starport his boss was furious. He called for Briggs resignation. It was suddenly clear to Briggs how the gang got that bomb in the starport. Dain and his crew may have not done things by the book, but its obvious the people who made the book don’t either. He went to evidence storage and took a bomb he had confiscated and left it under his bosses speeder, and immediately bought passage to Zeltros. The planet he had overheard the two Rodians talking about, thinking he could not understand them. He would find Dain and his crew and figure things out from there.

Officer Briggs

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