Captain of Home and Matriarch of The Family


A woman of noble birth she Schesa is not one to be at the forefront of a fight, but she inspires others to do so for her. She is known as a skilled negotiator and a very beautiful one at that.

Not to mention the glowy red eyes. Intimidating.


The Captain, the last of her own family. She was from the lost planet of Zeepadax which has now fallen prey to a Dark Lord of the Sith. She made her way around the galaxy with Denathor, a Zabrak who had a knack for getting himself into very interesting situations. After a few years of travelling together they became very good friends. Most Chiss dislike outsiders very much, but being an outsider from her own people she found much solace in the worlds outside of Chiss space. Sooner or later she also met Dane Valor, who joined their small group. He seemed just as lost as she was when she left her home, if not more so. There are people who have no other place in the galaxy, they have lost hope or have no family of their own, people with secrets and nobody to help them. Good people. Those people needed a place too, a sort of family. She started referring to them as her family, and it caught on rather quickly. Over time more people joined, became close to them, and sadly members were also lost.

It has been a while since the creation of The Family, almost ten years now. After Zeepadax was lost she was falling apart, she didn’t really know what to do, caught somewhere between her ancient ancestors and her new family and she didn’t know exactly where she was supposed to fit in. The others noticed, they did all they could to help her. They knew the loss of the planet was hard for her and they understood. They could forgive her, but she had no idea if she could forgive herself. It has been a long time since anybody had died that was close, and they just lost some of the greatest friends and family they could hope for. She couldn’t help but feel some of it was her fault. The Family still seemed determined to move forward though, hopefully with time they would recover, and hopefully she would as well.


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