The Family's onboard Engineer


I was studying at the Imperial Academy on Yaga Minor in Quantam Mechanics and Starship Design, and at the time I had a roommate named Kate. I still have a roommate named Kate, but that is not what this story is about. Well, it kind of is. Anyway, we were doing great, both of us were near the top of our classes and we knew we were going to get great positions once we graduated. Everything changed suddenly when Kate came back to the room in a panic, said we had to get out of there, that we were in danger and she would explain later. I followed her to the star port and we got in to a shuttle, the next thing I knew we had tie fighters chasing us.

She was a good friend actually, had she not come back for me and just escaped herself they probably would have tortured me until I was dead just to make sure that I knew nothing. She had found some sort of plans that involved a new weapon of mass destruction. She said she had no intention of becoming part of an organization that still allowed creation of such barbaric weapons. The fighters were closing in but I routed all power to engines to buy us some more time. She sent out a distress beacon and pow! That is where we met The Family. Long story short we helped them destroy the Imperial Data on the prototype and we stole a fancy ship from their base. We were never openly wanted by the Empire, they would have to explain their new weapon and I don’t think they wanted the trouble. That does not mean that if their special forces found us they wouldn’t take us in and torture us forever though. We both decided that it would be in our best interests to stick with The Family, Kate was intrigued by the ship they took and so was I. We’ve been around for years now and have found many more reasons to stay. Every person in the family now means something to us, even Gota.


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