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  • JL-32

    On the planet of Felucia the Toydarian opened an exotic restaraunt, with his trusty droid friend JL-32 as the host. Gotta tastes his food before it goes out to the table and when he tasted the bowl for the Crew he was poisoned. A chase ensued and JL-32 …

  • MG-43

    A protocol droid stolen by Dane aboard the Thalassian slaver station before it became The Family's new base. He has been reprogrammed by The Family to be loyal to them. He resides on the same station under new owners.

  • G4-RY

    Had a bad day? Want to make a good day better? G4-RY is the right droid for you! Complete will full menu to satisfy all your misery drowning needs! Who knows he might even share you up, man!!!!!

  • T-35

    Bought from a junk dealer on Malastare and used by slavers to fix ships and vehicles.

  • T-45

    Lost in a card game from Wut the Hutt to Vargos, the slaver. Vargos was away from the station when it was attacked.

  • T-67

    Told to be built by the great T-22 The Creator droid. Legend of him has traveled through the T series, they all know of him. T-67 has memory of T-22 and even lead the slavers on chases. Though T-22 always proved to clever for the slavers.

  • R2-E0

    Bought as Junk on Tatooine, had its memory wiped.

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