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  • Darth Dormion

    This Ancient Sith Lord was awoken foolishly by [[:law-sunrider | Law Sunrider]] and a young Jedi, named Lor, by bringing the Lougue Dagger to his place of slumber. His creatures did well luring the artifact back to his lair and now it is feared that he …

  • Kwila Teth

    Kwila escaped Zeepadax once she had learned that an Ancient Sith Lord had finally awoken from his tomb due to some idiotic offworlder. She used a Trandoshans ship to escape and finally stole it some time later and went off somewhere in the Galaxy with [[: …

  • Darth Malladus

    Not your usual Dark Lord of the Sith, he actually has no force sensitivity what so ever, but instead he uses science and the strange force sensitive algae like that found on the planet of Zeepadax. He has made a suit of it and mastered the technology to …

  • Darth Hunta

    One of the three Sith to fight The Family on Mustafar. She is a Keshiri that controls the feared Uvak beast.

  • Darth Atrom

    A human Sith Lord, one that attacked the family along with [[:darth-hunta | Darth Hunta]] on Mustafar.

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