Alan Golder

acquisition specialist


Vincenzo Peruggia AKA Alan Golder(burned), Charles Peace [the gentelmen] litose ertel

4 scoundril 3 scout 1 infiltrater

bab +5

hp: 64

fp 10
dp 2

fort 10+8+1+1=20
ref 10+8+5+4=27
will 10+8+2+2=22

str 12 +1
dex 20 +5
con 12 +1
int 16 +3
wis 14 +2
cha 18 +4

destardly strike
blend in
creeping approach

silenced blaster 3d6
vibro knife 2d4
stun knuckler 2d6

tuxedo (hidden dagger compatment)
theif suit


acrobatics 5+5=10
deception 5+4=9
gather info 5+4=9
initiave 5+5+5=15
pilot 5+5=10
stealth 5+5+5=15
perception 5+2=7
use computer 5+2=7

point blank shot
weapon prof (pistol)
weapon prof (simple)
skill focus stealth
quick draw
precise shot
skill focus iniative

credits 3000
2 com links
retractable grappleing hook
data pad
encripted data pad dc 26
theif mask
electro binoculers
plasma cutter
recording unit
liquid cable dispencer
binder cuffs x2
utility belt


From early in life Vincenzo was groomed for success. He and his brother Giovanni are the hairs to sicurezza corporation the brothers enjoyed a ritch and privileged upbringing. at age 16 he and his brother both took jobs workign with their father. Giovanni to a role of dealing with the books and managing the company’s daily activity. vincenzo took the role of testing the new security measurements and protocols. the years passed and vincenzo’s skills grew. he began secretly testing his skills on other company’s security by breaking into their heavily guarded complexes just to prove he could do it. all was well in his life until his father fell ill. the company was to be left to vin and his brother, but vin had other plans. vin put his plans in place and faked his own death so he could do what he loved. he went to the outer rim to begin his new life and a thief for hire. through his contracts he earned the title The gentlemen, due to his non lethal tactics while completing a job

Alan Golder

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