Dane Valor

The Man With The Plan


5’11, 190 Lbs. Medium Brown Hair, Brown Eyes.

Wears a black cloak over a dark colored flight suit.

My Top 5:

Languages: Basic, Huttese, Rodese, Ryl, Shryiwook, Jawa Trade.

Dane Valor
1 Scoundrel/Jedi 3/1 Scout/Soldier 1/Noble 1
1 Ace Pilot/2 Crime Lord

HP 96
Base Attack +5

Str 11
Dex 20
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 16
Cha 13

Fort 10+10+2+2+0= 24
Ref 10+10+4+5+0= 29
Will 10+10+4+1+0= 25
DT- 23
FP- 10
DP- 1

Human- Use The Force
1 – Knowledge Tactics
2 – Deception
3 – Initative
4 – Pilot
5 – Acrobatics
6 – Endurance
7 – Stealth
8 – Persuasion

Human-Vehicular Combat
Free 1-Force Sensitivity
Scoundrel 1- WP-Pistols
Scoundrel 1- Point Blank Shot
Scout 1- Shake It Off
Jedi 1- WP Lightsaber
Jedi 2-Wpn Finesse Saber
Lvl 3- Skill Focus Pilot
Soldier 1- WP- Rifles
Noble 1- Linguist
Level 6- Stand Tall
Level 9- Starship Tactics

Scout 1- Evasion
Jedi 1- Block
Scoundrel 1-Fortunes Favor
Soldier 1- Indomitable
Noble 1- Force Perception
Jedi 3- Equilibrium
Ace Pilot 1- Begin Attack Run (Starfighter)
Crime Lord 1- Attract Minion (Hapan Nora Harcroft)
Crime Lord 2 -Foresight

Starship Maneuvers
Skim The Surface
Skywalker Loop x2
Snap Roll

Items. 100,000

X-wing 1-int +5
X-wing 2- int +5

Family Money- 250,000


Once a Sith Apprentice but turned from his dark ways after a prophetic vision of the monster he would one day become. That is not to say he is a good person, but he hasn’t given in completely to the dark side as he once did.

He has made friends over the years, good friends, ones that have stuck with him and helped him through the worst of things. The Captain. A chiss woman who has a mysterious past, with the potential to be just as cold and cunning as he is, though she cares for the people around her.

Denathor a Zabrak who always seems to find his way into trouble, and just as quickly finds his way out of it in spectacular fashion. He has made more friends since meeting them, and is one of the founders of what is called The Family. He treads through the galaxy clinging to them for they are the only thing keeping him from falling.

Dane Valor

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