Karn Bardark

Captain of the salvage ship "Keg."


Name Karn Bardark
Player Joker16
Race Human
Dp 4, Fp 9
Class/Level Jedi 6/Soldier 1/Adept 1

Init +17;
Senses ; Perception +14

Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce

Defenses Ref 22 (flat-footed 20), Fort 23 Will 27

hp 107; Threshold 23

Speed 6
Base atk 7; Grp +9
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +17): Farseeing, Negate energy, Blind, Battle strike(2),
Force Grip(2), Force Slam(2), Force Thrust(2), Move Object(4), Surge(2), Energy Resistance,
Kinetic combat, Ballisiakinesis, Crucitorn, Prescience(2)
Abilities Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 16
Talents Force Intuition, Dam Reduction 10, Equilibrium, Force recovery, Empower Weapon
Feats Wp: pistols\Lightsabers\Simple, Force Training(4), Skill Focus(UTF), Unstoppable force,
Instinctive Atk
Skills Acrobatics +11, Perception +14, Pilot +11, Use the force +17
Possessions Credits: 87,800, Bayonet: D8 on/d4 off, Combat gloves: +1 Dam, Comlink: long
encryption, DataPad: Int 16, Utility Belt, Electrobinoculars, Translator: Dc15 D20
Imperial disguise: Dc 25, Good quality vibroblade: 3D6+5, Blaster pistol: 3D8+3, Assassin
robe and mask, Stim Bracer: 1 Str, Pick axe, Mythosaur axe: D122 19-20 crit, Gold: 1174
pieces, Darts(9): D20+10 1 Ct, Stun Baton: D6/Stun 2D6, Ion Baton: D6/Ion 2D6, Survival
knife: D6, Frag Grenade(2): 4D6, Battle Axe: 2D12, Super liquor(3): bar, Carbine double

barreled: 3D8, Staff: 3D6/3D6, Statue: small, Acention Gun: 3D8\150ft\60ft\2 shots,
Fireblade: 2D4 no dr, Moon Loungsword: 4D8 19-20 crit empowered


Born on the plant of Lothal during the rise of the Empire hold on the galaxy and the citizens of all planets that are contained in it. Lothal was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories. It was in a state of economic disrepair and invited the Galactic Empire on the promise of prosperity and security. Had an easy life, well as easy as life can be under the Empire, with his parents that worked for Sienar Systems Advanced Projects Laboratory, located in Central City. His parents wanted him to work for the same company after his 18th birthday but on that night fate stepped in and changed his life.

During his birthday party at the local bar with his friends, the last of them to turn to the drinking age, had to much to drink. He did drink secretly since he was 15 so when he had to much; it was way to much, he took after his granddad on his mothers side with drinking. In a drunken stupor he stole the wrong speeder bike. It was the bike of a Imperial officer, then crashed it in to an Imperial convoy. To his surprise and the Imperial officer he was offered an ultimatum join the Imperials or go to jail. He chose to join the Imperial ranks, regret-tingly of course, giving up his chance to work with his family.

During his time at the Imperial Academy, he did what he was told so that he can fly under the radar. His plan at this time was not make any problems, in and out of the academy, and get a easy job hopefully on Lothal. During the first year nothing eventful happened. He made some drinking buddies, did well in the academy and fought he was home free. Well in his second year his plan went out the window and what he thought as well. Someone in a dark robe came to him and said he was promoted. That promotion took him off world to an unknown world away from his friends, family and beer.

On his first day of his “promotion” he was told he could not contact anyone in his own life for the first six months. He was told it was for security and his family and friends would be told that he was away on special assignment. That was a lie but at the time he did not known at the time. What they did say is that he died on a special assignment. They trained him to use a power he did not know he had. He learned later that it was the force. They tried to teach him how to use the weapon of the force user, a lightsaber. Tried being the word. They said he did not have the potential or other they said he sucked. Well with this news he thought he was home free. Since he believe this facility and training was shady so to keep him quiet they would give him an easy job. Also to keep an eye on him. Well, he was wrong again. He got another “promotion.”

This time a man in a black lab coat came up to him. He said I was chosen for a project sponsored by the Empire. That was an offer he could not refuse. So off to another world he went. This time he was probed and poked. They said that the things they were putting in him would make him more combat capable. He saw no difference but he did not care it was their money. There were more people at this base that were needed but regulations were relaxed. No one would tell him their name, so he made names up for them. There was one solider in particular that bothered him. He named him Fred. After a year of this, which was not bad since he was able to drink, he was called in to a routine checkup. Which the put him to sleep and check his vitals. This time he woke up in a modified bacta tank with no one around 200 years later.

This is the story of Karn Bardark, now i need a beer.

Karn Bardark

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